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Friday -Dec 8, 2023- 13:27
  • Solar Energy Mokran (2/5)

  • Meko Solar Power Plant (Mapna) (5/5)


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About us

    Due to the comprehensive expansion of Kerman province's industries and also the demand for a specialized company to provide services in energy field, " Kerman Namad Niroo Co. ", as a joint-stock company was established in 2008.

Main goal of the company is to provide specialized high-quality services to the industries, especially the power section in Kerman as well as south-eastern of Iran and more generally, in all over the county; in the field of power generation and distribution, renewable energies and LED lighting.

The company first started providing services in thermal power plants O&M and then continued with a more focus on DG (distributed generation) and solar PV systems. It has now an active role in the largest PV plants in the country, such as 20 MW plant in Kerman (the largest one to date), 2 MW plant for MAPNA group in Qazvin (north-west of Iran) and numerous under construction/installed projects for residential as well as commercial section and factories all over the country.

Namad Niroo enjoys a team of outstanding PhD/Master graduates as well as managers with 15-30 years of experience in large companies like MAPNA, due to the need to delivery of up-to-date and high-quality services to the customers.

You can read further about us HERE.

KNN Projects

  • 20 MW Mahan - Kerman

  • 2 MW Kahak - Ghazvin




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