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Thursday -Feb 22, 2024- 03:59


The wide participation of the company in distribution projects in the form of contracts "Development and construction of electricity distribution networks of Rhine and Golbaf", "2 megawatt electricity supply during the construction of Fajr Petrochemical Complex", "Supply of electricity to Iran's Butyat Complex Bassoon" and "Supply of Power Supply" The 90-kilowatt pump of Iran's Bhutan Steel Complex "was launched. With the successful implementation of several lighting projects, including the Museum of Electrical Engineering, Kerman Regional History Square and Shiyan Reception Hall, and lighting design of more than 20 Kerman state buildings, the company entered a new field of lighting activity. The acquisition and maintenance license (O & M) of 500 MW from the Deputy Minister for Electricity and Energy, including the honors of the company this year as the only company holding this certificate. Implementation of the first solar water pump in rural and rural water and sanitation, and obtaining permits for the Solar Power Plant, a 100 kilowatts power plant in the field of new energy. The consultancy contract for obtaining small scale production licenses of Mokhaye Kavir Mahan Co. and Mr. Mohammad Hadi Nakheinejad was signed and the issue of MTU gas service delivery in Iran was carefully pursued while the CEO of MAC-Energy in Kerman was present. For the first time, the company participated in the second exhibition of power industry in Kerman province.

Providing services in the field of small scale generation was carried out with the service of 6 diesel generator sets of Gol Gohar Mineral and Industrial Company. The solar projects started with the implementation of multi-light lighting in the city of Zarand and the city's four-way Bahonar, and continued with the implementation of 154 kilowatt photovoltaic system. By carrying out the feasibility study on the construction and design of a 1.2 MW photovoltaic power plant, the Pioneer Kavir Power Plants Development Company Peaked. According to the qualification of the company for implementation of development projects and construction of distribution networks in the districts of northern Kerman province, the contract for the development and construction of Zarand electricity distribution networks was signed with the company, including the projects carried out in the framework of this contract, The illumination of the entrance to the city of Zarand was made using LED lights, which was launched as jihadi and simultaneously with the implementation of the largest photovoltaic system in the province with a capacity of 80 kilowatts, with a record of 45 days by Tavanir CEO. The implementation of the Rabat Corrosion Protection Corrosion Protection Project for the oil and gas pipelines and pipelines company is considered as the company's first experience in the oil industry.


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